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Save time and money with our totally integrated data validation tool. Connect your website or systems with trusted data sets that include White pages, Yellow Pages, ASIC and Australian Bureau of Statistics.

A smart, easy to use program that validates and adds customer contact details as they’re entered. Efficient and accurate, TotalCheck works with a variety of business systems including CRM, ERP, Salesforce, websites, point of sale and many more.

The quality and detail of the information provided gives you a complete, current customer picture, helping you deliver precise and effective marketing campaigns.

The benefits include:

  • Speeds up data entry
  • Reduces the cost of data entry
  • Overrides operator errors
  • Predictive name and address functions
  • Intelligent auto-suggest
  • Delivers a complete customer record
  • Eliminates spam

TotalCheck offers way more than just address validation - which only tells you that an address exists. We provide end-to-end contact checks that include:

  • Name and address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Geographic location
  • ABN
  • Website


Increase sales with accurate data.

We’ll wash your customer database against Yellow Pages, White Pages, Whereis and a range of other data sources to keep your records up-to-date, so you’re ready to sell to the right people.

From addresses to emails, personal and business names, ABNs, URLs, phone numbers and many more data sets – let us check and update your data for you.

Maximise your return on:

  • Telemarking activities
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • CRM programs
  • Customer data projects
  • Customer service and support
  • Email campaigns
  • SMS campaigns

Sensis API

Sensis API (SAPI) is perfect for anyone providing Australian business search capabilities on their website.

Sensis API allows you to harness the power of Yellow Pages and White Pages to support your own search engine. With over eight million listings and fifty thousand daily updates, this gives you access to one of Australia’s most comprehensive and trusted business sources. So instead of collecting millions of contact details, we’ve already done it for you!


  • Custom built to provide simple, ongoing access to Yellow Pages and White Pages directories
  • Can be used for both commercial and non-commercial businesses
  • Allows you to build applications that publish our directories’ information to your customers
  • To help promote your search engine, we give you access to White Pages and Yellow pages branding.

As API’s are quite technical, you’ll need a developer to integrate SAPI effectively into your application.

For details on how SAPI can help reinforce and strengthen your search engine, talk to the Sensis Data Solutions team today.

Whereis API

With our Whereis API, we can enrich your customer contact data using detailed demographic and geographic data that’s accessible only through Sensis.

Whether you want to know your customers’ geolocation or you want to know more about their spending habits, we can give you a detailed picture that helps tailor and deliver your marketing activity, track assets and advise a smart route to deliver goods.

We can provide:

  • Geocoding
  • Demographics
  • Mapping
  • Smart routing

Whereis API can be used in many different ways including:

  • Customer location
  • Store or property locators
  • Sales territory
  • Route planners
  • Mobile apps
  • Customer segmentation
  • Asset tracking
  • Fleet management
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