GBG Connexus

GBG Connexus
Australia’s broadest range of identity data  
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Search for, investigate and contact individuals using multiple data sets.
Find detailed information on people who may be connected to the person you are trying to find.
Confirms an address of an individual even if they are claiming to have moved on.
Bringing together cutting-edge identity data, GBG Connexus helps you trace and locate individuals who can be hard to pinpoint.

Unlike any other product in the market, we go beyond the traditional data record landscape, combining our 16 million data records with open source social media data. 

This unique combination, allows us to trace individuals faster – from their last known address to their new one – while building a single profile of everything we know about them.
Is GBG Connexus for you?
While GBG Connexus is perfect for locating people who may not want to be found due to overdue accounts or fraud, it’s also used for other essential applications including:
  • Reuniting customers with their dormant or forgotten assets 
  • Making customers aware of product recalls 
  • Avoiding blocking new customers based solely on their credit footprint  

No job’s too hard
Working within Australia’s best practice guidelines, we’re able to deliver accurate customer locations even when provided with minimal information such as a single phone number or email address. This is due to our extensive toolkit, designed to deliver results when it’s tricky.

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