Why do I need to maintain my customer database?
People move, change emails, phone numbers, jobs, etc. Unless these guys diligently notify you, previous records are now obsolete. Organisations who use their database for marketing purposes need current information in their systems, otherwise marketing dollars go down the drain.

What does data washing mean?
Also known as data cleaning or data scrubbing, this process identifies incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate or irrelevant details in a database then corrects or deletes the dirty data. Below is an example of an incorrectly formatted address converted to a clean address.
How much do the SDS services cost?
Because there are so many different package options available we’ll need to know a few things before we can work out a price, such as: 
1. Is the data consumer or business?
2. Do you want your data cleaned or validated?
3. Are we cleaning multiple records at a time or a single record?
4. Are there system integration requirements?
5. How many different data fields are we looking at?
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Do not call register
Once we have the answers we’ll make a product recommendation with accurate costings.

How often do I receive an invoice?
Depending on the solution provided, invoices are sent in the following ways:
1. A one off basis (job specific)
2. Monthly
3. Quarterly
4. Annually

We’ll confirm this before we begin your job.

How can I view my TotalCheck usage?
All our TotalCheck customers are given access to the TotalCheck Customer Portal (https://portal.sensisdata.com.au/). Here, you’ll see your usage stats as well as detailed reports. Check out the sample graph below, detailing TotalCheck usage over a 30 day period.

Is the API live?
Yes, the Application Programming Interface (API) is a real-time tool. An API is a program for accessing web based software or a web based tool. In Sensis Data Solutions’ case our APIs integrate with your software so you can access our products and use their features without leaving your own operating system. Check out this link for more details.

How often are the Sensis data sets updated?
We work with a variety of data sources – some are updated daily while others, like the Australia Post Postal Address File (PAF), are updated every three months. We set our systems depending on when each source updates their data so we instantly receive the updates as they happen. This can range from:
  • Real time (instant)
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

What are the Sensis hours of support?
Our technical staff are available 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Or there’s the option of 24 hour support. Once you reach us we’ll have a resolution within three hours. Escalated cases are resolved within 24 hours. Either way, we’ll contact you with regular updates via email or phone until the problem’s solved. So we can get things moving straight away, please have these details ready:
  • Your company name
  • Contact person/phone number
  • Contact email address 
  • Your Sensis product name
  • A description of the issue with screenshots 

If I need support, who do I contact?
Call us toll free on 1800 033 807 and our Melbourne customer service team are ready to help, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm. Or email sdscustcare@sensis.com.au and we’ll get back to you pronto. If you’ve opted for 24 hour support you can get in touch anytime. 

What’s the turnaround when I submit a MacroMatch job to your team?
Depending on the complication and volume of records, results ranges from 24 hours to five days – if millions of records are supplied. Of course customers also have the option of using the MacroMatch portal, where you can control and run jobs anytime without contacting us first. 

How do you keep my files safe?
We take security extremely seriously with multiple layers and processes to ensure your privacy. As you’ll see no stone is left unturned:
  • All data processing is completed in Melbourne by locally employed staff
  • All data is encrypted 
  • For real time TotalCheck data validation, customer data is never retained or stored in our systems
  • MacroMatch customer data is not stored for more than 30 days (less if requested) – it’s then permanently removed
  • A statistical report, that doesn’t contain customer information, is the only document to survive
  • Customer data is never transferred to external parties
  • Customer data is never shared within Sensis for any purpose other than contractual obligation
  • Physical hardware supporting SDS products is located in Australia
  • Amazon Web Services are used only for validating email, phone number, ABN and DNCR
  • No customer or business sensitive information is transmitted from Sensis
  • Customer data needed to process our products is stored on local servers and only accessed by authorised Sensis personnel
For more information on data security please contact one of our team members.

Don’t see your question here? Just contact us on 1800 033 807 or sdscustcare@sensis.com.au and we’ll get back to you with an answer.
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