Helix Personas

Helix Personas
Predicting consumer behaviour
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This unique psychographics segmentation tool categorises the Australian population into 56 distinct personas.
An unprecedented view of who your customers are – understand their values, needs and beliefs as well as the best ways to connect with them. 
Identify growth opportunities by mapping hotspots of engagement to understand where your product or business resonates the most. 
Unprecedented in Australia, Roy Morgan’s Helix Personas gives you the power to target your marketing messages to your customers, by segmenting your database into distinct personas. While you may be selling the same product to everyone, the way you sell it should depend on what resonates best with each persona. Media habits of each persona are also detailed with recommendations on the best communication methods for your message. One segment may prefer email, where SMS could work for another. There are so many ways to use this fascinating tool.
What's the difference between demographic and psychographic segmentation?
Demographic information includes the basics such as age, gender, race, location, and profession.
Psychographicslook at the broader picture, understanding values, interests , and behaviours as well. Psychographic segmentation has been proven to be a more reliable predictor of human behaviour than demographics alone.
How does Helix Personas combine with data validation?
Clean data is the foundation for a product like Helix Personas – you know the information delivered is correct because it’s being applied to accurate data. You’re basically adding further value to data you can rely on.

As a partner with Helix Personas, Sensis Data Solutions has created the option to integrate the product into both TotalCheck and MacroMatch. It’s a great value investment that will boost the worth of your database.

How can psychographics benefit you?
Roy Morgan’s Helix Personas works with a wide range of businesses, both big and small, for applications that include:
  • Media planning
  • Look-a-like targeting
  • Customer and prospect locations
  • Crafting your message
  • Data integration
  • Product development
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