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We offer a range of intelligent, flexible data cleansing solutions. Our most popular products, TotalCheck and MacroMatch, are used by a variety of businesses for databases small, big and gigantic.
Validate and correct data on the spot as it’s entered live into your system.
Cleanse all your data in one go and check data quality any time. 
Start clean, stay clean
For a complete, watertight data cleansing solution, MacroMatch and TotalCheck are an ideal combination. Together these tools form an important two-step process:
TotalCheck delivers live data validation so data is accurate when it’s entered into your system.
MacroMatch enables regular batch cleanses so your data stays current and complete.
Thanks to the Sensis owned Whereis mapping service, we’re offering an exciting new geo-demographics tool. By combining your customers’ physical location with demographic data such as income, home ownership and age, we’re able to develop insights specific to customer areas. You can then use this information to target and segment your customers.
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Bespoke product solutions
Whether it’s email, direct mail or a combination of communication methods, businesses connect with customers differently. While an off-the-shelf package is great for some, a bespoke approach may be the key. We’ll get to know your business thoroughly before we make a call.
Power your search engine with the Sensis API
SAPI is your secret weapon in the competitive world of search engines. Designed as an API, you simply integrate into your website and the Sensis owned Yellow Pages and White Pages automatically back your search engine. It’s just another way our vast range of data sources helps business.
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