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White papers
white papers
These resources are a great way to understand how data validation works and why it’s an essential tool for any business with a customer database. From cost comparisons to practical examples of the difference clean data makes to ROI, you’ll find it all here. 
CRM help or hindrance
CRM - help or hindrance?
Offering multiple ways to segment and streamline your customer database, CRM is a sophisticated, essential business tool. But without valid data, it’s useless. Find out how to manage this here. 

customer databases
Customer databases – the benefits of automatically updating your records. 

A side by side cost comparison and detailed breakdown of manual data entry versus automated data validation. 

customer records
Customer records and data quality – how clean data can improve your sales, marketing, decision making and ROI. 

With wide ranging consequences, the effects of dirty data are explored in a variety of business settings. We also look at various solutions and their outcomes. 
How to keep your database up to date
How to keep your customer database up to date. 

Fast, easy and essential. Your guide to external data validation. 
Read up on the pros and cons of working with professional data validation tools. 


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