Case studies

Case studies
data quality management
From major brands to boutique specialists, we’ve helped thousands of businesses keep their data clean and improve their marketing ROI. Check out some of their stories here.
Moula money case study
Moula Money
Moula Money wanted to make their online business loan forms smooth and simple to use. Firstly to avoid frustrating customers with ‘error messages’, and secondly to increase completion times for quicker loan approvals. The answer was live data validation.
BMW case study
BMW Australia
BMW seamlessly integrated the SDS batch data cleansing tool – TotalCheck – into their website, call centre and front-end systems in order to implement quality control to their vast customer database. The results were wide-ranging, reducing costs in many areas.  
Global micro animal registry case study
Global Micro Animal Registry
With over half of Global Micro Animal Registry’s forms filled out in handwriting, manual data entry was fraught with mistakes. By implementing TotalCheck, they were able to prevent incorrect data from entering their system and, in many cases, able to correct it.  
Green energy trading case study
Green Energy Trading
Green Energy Trading operate in a strict industry where proof of a customer’s installation address is essential. So the company integrated TotalCheck into its NetSuite CRM system, with instant results.  
Pentana case study
Pentana Solutions  
Pentana Solutions sells automotive software to car dealerships. Noticing their software wasn’t working as well it should due to busy sales staff entering data incorrectly, Pentana tackled this by incorporating TotalCheck into their product and reselling it to their clients. 

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